What is Ramadan? Break Fast with a Halal Iftar in London

Breaking Your Fast with a Halal Iftar

Ramadan 2024 is taking place between 10 March and 10 April, restaurants are offering fully halal Iftar in London to break the fast. Some of you may not know what Ramadan and Iftar are, so read on to learn what this Muslim celebration entails world wide, and where you can break the fast in London.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is a cultural and religious celebration within the Muslim community. Throughout this time, those celebrating Ramadan in London and around the world acknowledge Prophet Muhammad’s first revelation in Islam, fasting between sunrise and sunset and breaking the fast with a halal Iftar meal.

During this holy month, Muslims must be mindful of their faith and participate in rituals of fasting, prayer, and charity. Following the month of Ramadan comes the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, a cultural festival celebrating the end of fasting.

What is Iftar? Breaking the Ramadan Fast

Fasting is one of the main pillars of Ramadan, where Muslims are forbidden to consume food and water between sunrise and sunset. The fully halal meal is a formal offering of food to show mercy to those who have been fasting and those who prepared the food. Either at home or at restaurants, Muslims enjoy this halal Iftar food and non-alcoholic beverages full of nutrition to maintain health throughout fasting with their family and friends.

We’re thrilled to welcome family and friends to Meet Bros halal steakhouse for our fully halal Iftar in London with alcohol-free beverages! Book your table today and break the fast this Ramadan with us at our restaurant in Paddington.

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